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Funding window guidelines:

  1. Submissions made from Nov. 15 thru Feb. 15 will be paid March 1.
  2. Submissions made from Feb. 15 thru May 15 will be paid June 1.
  3. Submissions made from May 15 thru Aug. 15 will be paid Sept. 1.
  4. Submissions made from Aug. 15 thru Nov. 15 will be paid Dec. 1.

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      BTC Area Youth Benefit Contributes to So Many Causes and Organizations


      Band uniforms, school music departments, scholarships to support traveling choir contestants ...


      Rotary Club sponsorships, Kiwanis drives, YMCA, 4-H sponsorships, FFA, community centers, North Missouri Center for Youth & Families ...


      MSHSAA state champ sponsorships, booster clubs, parks and rec departments, traveling teams, uniforms ...

      Livestock Judging

      Donations for national livestock judging teams, county-level livestock judging team contributions, livestock pavillions, general 4-H club donations ...


      Area school district contributions, literacy nights, scholarships, art departments, sponsorships for traveling program participants ...

      And More!

      Technology grants and in-kind purchases, contest sponsorships, medical benefit events participation, and so much more!