Mail-In Donations

If you prefer to donate by mail, you can send a check made payable to
“BTC Area Youth Benefit Corp” and mail to:

BTC Area Youth Benefit Corp.
3606 Miller Street
Bethany, MO 64424

Empower Local Youth

Donating to BTC Area Youth Benefit Corp directly helps students in your own community. Your contribution provides scholarships, grants, vocational training, and mentoring to empower youth across 50 counties in Missouri. By giving locally, you can make an immediate impact in your own backyard.

Invest in the Future

Your donation to BTC Area Youth Benefit Corp is an investment in the leaders of tomorrow. Programs like leadership workshops, career exposure events, and educational scholarships help equip youth with skills and experiences needed for future success. Support students today to uplift your community for years to come.

Recognize Achievements

BTC Area Youth Benefit Corp recognizes academic, athletic, artistic, and community achievements through awards and scholarships. Your donation helps motivate youth and validate their hard work. Gain inspiration from the next generation.

Strengthen the Local Economy

Studies show investing in youth development initiatives like those offered by BTC Area Youth Benefit Corp can reduce high school dropout rates, teen pregnancy, and youth unemployment. This strengthens the local workforce and economy. Create positive change close to home.

Leave a Legacy

Leaving a charitable legacy inspires others to give back. Become a donor to BTC Area Youth Benefit Corp and create a cycle of goodwill. Your generosity will motivate others to pay it forward. Make your community a better place for generations to come.